L-Bank Profile

Advise, Develop, Finance.

The L-Bank is committed to ensuring a high-performing economy, a high quality of life and a secure future. For individuals who want to gainfully employ their strengths or need support to develop them. For businesses that create jobs through their commitment and for communities seeking to improve the quality of their inhabitants’ lives. In short: for Baden-Württemberg.

As the State bank of Baden-Württemberg, the L-Bank deploys a broad spectrum of financing instruments to fulfill its development mission for enterprises and families in Baden-Württemberg. The L-Bank does not compete with banks and thrift institutions, but instead works with them as an equal—toward the common goal of making Baden-Württemberg an even better place to live.

The L-Bank has a strong owner in the State, which in its capacity as guarantor affords the Bank an excellent position in money and capital markets. The guarantee of the Land for the liabilities of the Bank provides an excellent basis for low-cost refinancing.

Economic development

Small and medium-sized enterprises form the economic backbone of the State. They need effective support as well as sufficient scope for action—for start-ups, investments, modernization and expansion. The L-Bank offers businesses reduced-interest loans, securing their liquidity at favorable terms.

The L-Bank supports start-up entrepreneurs and persons acquiring a business with development programs and financing concepts that are precisely tailored to their needs. The highly integrated cooperation between L-Bank and the development institutions Bürgschaftsbank, MBG, KfW and the principal banks greatly enhances the effectiveness of these offerings.

The L-Bank also offers future entrepreneurs sound advice and the experience gained in numerous business success stories. The L-Bank’s experts impart this knowledge e. g. in financing podium discussions, start-up seminars and workshops, often offered in cooperation with the regional chambers of commerce. Additionally, events such as the L-Bank Wirtschaftsforum   offer an opportunity for potential entrepreneurs to obtain advise on financing issues from the L-Bank's specialists.

The L-Bank offers risk participation when the principal bank cannot carry the credit risk by itself. As the principal bank generally assumes half the credit risk.

Products from Baden-Württemberg create jobs here in the State. The L-Bank supports the foreign transactions of exporting companies by guaranteeing loans for them, shouldering a portion of the principal bank's financing risk.

Residential development

Through a variety of residential construction programs, the L-Bank promotes home ownership, residential housing construction and energy-saving and modernization. In this way, the L-Bank supports families, and also disabled persons, businesses and communities. And ultimately, the construction industry also profits from this, as new construction means jobs.

Although the German federal homeowner’s allowance is a thing of the past, the L-Bank supports families as well as single mothers and fathers through the “ Landeswohnraumförderung ”, the State residential development program. They receive attractive interest rates for particularly long terms when they buy or build a home. The L-Bank helps buyers and landlords to modernize living space and save energy.

Helping families

Children not only make our lives richer, they secure the future of our State. So every euro invested in education and child learning will pay high dividends. Benefits are delivered in the form of federal and State child benefits, and since 2007 the parental allowance. These resources are used to ensure that children receive the care they need, while relieving parents of a part of their burden.

Environmental and climate protection

Reducing CO2 emissions is a prime objective in climate protection. Renovation of buildings is an important factor in lowering the CO2 burden on the environment. That is why the L-Bank supports home-builders and businesses, as well as communities and businesses that wish to utilize renewable sources of energy.

Together with the KfW, the L-Bank supports energy-saving measures in the construction of new homes and rental units in its “Ecological Building” program.

Businesses in Baden-Württemberg do a great deal for climate protection through the development of innovative production methods. The L-Bank supports these initiatives at advantageous terms in its environmental and energy-saving program. The L-Bank is thus the preferred address for business investments in climate protection.

The L-Bank also supports municipal-level environmental protection measures, for example with a program for making schools, sports facilities, kindergartens and clubhouses more energy-efficient.

Infrastructure development

People and companies prefer to settle in communities with a suitable infrastructure—in other words, where modern public facilities and public transport exist. The L-Bank supports communities in enhancing their offerings with a variety of financing programs of the State, the German government and the EU.

The L-Bank offers interest-subsidized financing for municipal investors. This enables them to realize important projects in spite of tight budgets, e. g. in environmental protection, renovation of hospitals and schools or in public transport. As in small and medium-sized enterprise financing, the L-Bank works as a partner with local banks in the area of infrastructure development.

Through its financial assistance programs, the L-Bank also supports the settlement of technology enterprises, the expansion of tourism and business infrastructure on the municipal level, the development of rural areas and the financing of buses and trams.

Technology parks

To provide technology-oriented enterprises with an optimum working environment, the L-Bank operates technology parks in selected university locations through its subsidiaries.

These facilities offer technology companies low-cost office, laboratory and storage space for research and production. Foreign companies that want to invest in Baden-Württemberg also benefit from this comprehensive service offering.